Dammy 2/27

The entire lake has recovered very nicely. No shell ice, pressure rides still navigable, and no drain holes. March, however is right around the corner so signs of spring are blossoming. Widening pools around rocks and shoals; lengthening leads at points and islands.

Another sign of a maturing plate are snowmobile ruts laid down on warm days of deep slush. But with enough wind and reckless abandon a well found boat bashes and crashes over them. The narrows are particularly bad, but with the fine wind today we managed to get through in style.

We made the pilgrimage to our old launch at Damariscotta Lake Farm. The ice heaving up along the shore would have required chain saws and axes to get access, so we all agreed that the Vannah Rd launch is very satisfactory. Out of the photo, stalled, is Paul Tropea from New York City. He drove up late yesterday for his first sail of the season. Way to go, Paul!

Tomorrow, Lake Megunticook offers better wind so we’ll de-camp to the Bog Bridge launch.

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