Megunticook 2/28

It just gets better and better. The wind forecast for today was not inspiring, to say the least. But what’s wrong with setting up boats on a glorious sunny day and pushing around chasing puffs while chatting with buddies. What wait: there’s wind. Buckets of it. With the entire lake recovered and locked in it was top to bottom touring. Chaney’s Narrows was solid for the first time this season. It was a bit rough in places, but there were also lovely sheets of smoothness that one can gybe across with silent runners. Lamb’s Folly is exceptionally smooth. The only hazzard observed were two drain holes in the passage between Crane Island and Fernald’s Neck.

There are a couple of boats still on the ice hoping to sail tomorrow. Saturday, the MIT Ice Boat Sailing Team will come to Lake Chickawaukee. We’ll set up marks and give them a regatta. All DN’s welcome to attend. Launch at the public beach at the south end.

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