Sailing March 1

The predicted SW wind filled in early on Lake Megunticook today, and six iceboats showed up to sail on this, the last day, we thought, before major snow. The track and timing of the storm has been shifting. But today was full sun spring sailing with the warm SW wind twisting and swirling its way through the nooks and crannies of the lake. It was intimate sailing at its best. Chasing the shifts and puffs along shore, deep in a cove, getting wound up on that nice smooth patch next to the dock or between those two rocks. Then back out to the broads where the big wind blew, usually 8-10 with gusts.

The only major hazzard was an ice fisherman firing his gun. We all checked our sails for bullet holes. A little too much second amendment in our opinion.

A quiet lunch on Fernalds Neck was more to our liking.

Depending on the track of the storm this will either be white of remain grey for most of tomorrow. By Monday it will definitely be wiped out. Saturday and Sunday are a crap shoot. Any gamblers out there?

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  1. Paul DeOrsay says:

    Thinking Megunticook Saturday in my gaffer stern-steerer. Anyone else going to be there? I don’t want to get in the way of DEns on Chickawaukie.

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