Sailing Today

A few boats will be on Chickawaukee today. Launch from the Public Beach, south end on Rt. 17. Lunch by the fire on Robert’s Beach. Meeting at 10:00.

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2 Responses to Sailing Today

  1. Peter Barlow says:

    Stopped by Vannah rd. Wednesday to check out boats. Turned down offer to take red boat out ( d’oh). Just got 2” of snow Union Ct. Craigslist ma. Yielded free home built iceboat. Sunfish hull for fuselage, 8’ plank with chocks, windsurfer sail and rigging, DN steering head, and 3nice home made 3/16” x24” steel runners housed in diagonal grain 3/4” varnished oak with aluminum stiffeners. Will probably sideline sunfish hull and make something along the lines of the Cheapskate hull. Interested in advice on mast step placement and hull length.

  2. Mike james says:

    It was awesome sailing today.

    The ice was nice and the wind was faor but shifty.

    I’m the Newby so I met some nice members…thks to all and thanks to Tom for letting me use his DN


    Mike James

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