Dammy 3/19

Remember that card from Monopoly that said “Bank error in your favor, round Go”? Today it was “Weather forecast error in your favor: just Go!” And GO we did. Ten to fifteen with gusts out of the west all day. Thankfully there were lulls so you could just sit back in the boat and try to process the amazing experience of sailing fast on a big frozen lake. There was the moment when I was right behind Denis trying to pass when he went into a big hike and began to gybe. I caught the gust an instant later and also hiked through the gybe. Both boats were airborne side by side through the turn. Magnificent!

Hopes are high that the SW wind will come in tomorrow before the ice goes soft. However, this afternoon it was 38 degrees and the ice was better than ever. The March sun is working its wonder on the surface. Tomorrow will be the last day for a while. Warm rain coming Thursday.

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  1. David J Hoder says:

    Any chance of the surface on daramascotta (sp) hardening up this weekend?

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