Fat Lady Hums 3/20

The wind came up right on schedule and continued to build throughout the day. The ice, though, didn’t stand a chance. It was forty degrees by noon and getting soft. But the slush wasn’t that deep and long plate runners seemed to be fine. Of course, the big breeze helped. There were calm moments but by and large plenty strong. A couple of boats switched to slushies and had a great time throwing up rooster tails. Bunting set up marks, and we expanded the course later to cover the entire north broads. With the wind out of the SW the lake was perfectly oriented upwind-downwind.

The Cheapskate, with his 1/8″ runners seemed to find the bottom and manage very well throughout the day. No attempt was made to tour the south end: we may be crazy but we’re not stupid!

Boats and trailers are off the ice, awaiting weather developments.

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