Opera ON Pushaw Tomorrow

Bob Lombardo and Ron Logan checked in this morning with glowing reports on the conditions at Pushaw. In spite of the less than frigid temps last night the surface firmed right up beautiful. Looks like Monday Tuesday and possibly Wednesday will offer good sailing. Those guys skated miles this morning. No mention of hazzards yet.

After that, there will be an intermission of perhaps a week until we see if there will be a second, and final act at Moosehead or South Twin.

Launch at Gould’s Landing. Come early for the best surface.

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2 Responses to Opera ON Pushaw Tomorrow

  1. Charles Silfvenius says:

    Lee and I are shooting for Winni Over the next couple days. Squambats sailing today gave it a ten with corn ice through the broads up to center harbor. Ames and elacoya are his launch site but I’ll go from Brewster. Keep ya posted Sent from my iPhone


  2. Bruce Brown says:

    I’ll be at Pushaw around 9:30 on Tues.

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