Fat Lady Can’t Find Maine

In spite of our recent setback at Moosehead, local ice continues to hang on. Megunticook’s edges are rotted out, but on Hosmer Pond and Maces Pond you can still walk right on to 12″ of hard ice. Nights below freezing and sunny days in the thirties have improved the surface. Hosmer Pond was sailed Tuesday and today, although today was cut short when the sailor finally realized what Gale Warning actually means. It means boat and body breaking gusts swirling down over Ragged Mountain.

On opening day of this season we sailed on tiny Maces Pond. It seems fitting to go out the same way, and as tomorrow looks to be really it, for sure this time, nothing below freezing coming our way, there will be at least one boat setting up there at around 8:30. It’s right on Rt. 17 on the right heading for Rockland. Carry on access.

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