Deep Cove

Everyone who sails in Maine knows Deep Cove on Damariscotta Lake, and those who don’t are probably familiar with it from Jory’s eloquent prose celebrating it’s mystic healing properties on a raw, blustery day. On a more pedestrian observation, we noticed last season that our favorite spot to sit, out of the wind and in full sun, was rather muddy. Basically, our butts got wet. Iceboaters don’t like to get wet. We are like cats to water.

So two of the club’s officers took it upon themselves as an obligation of office to improve this deplorable matter. A bench was built and an expedition by motorboat was planned and executed.

Usually all we see here for lunch is peanut butter and jelly, or on a good day last night’s soup. But to celebrate our new lunch spot we seeded it with wonderful food energy hoping it will rub off next winter.

Speaking of food, don’t forget the CIBC spring meeting next Sunday in Union!

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  1. Valerie Strzelewicz says:

    some people think a pricey restaurant is great but they’r missing real atmosphere.

    Bob S real life

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