Meeting and Boats A-Building

Bob MacEwen and Chris Malliet are making great progress on their Mini Skeeters. We might have four or five of these on the ice next season. The class is growing in leaps and bounds; over 120 sets of plans have been sold in the past five years.

Bob is ready for paint and varnish.

The ski pole in the cockpit is a push-pull rod for steering when pushing around. Primary steering is with foot pedals.

Chris is not far behind, getting ready to lay the deck. He’s come up with a way to make it quite stunning. We can’t wait to see it!

Isn’t it fun to have a peek into everyone’s shop?
If you’re thinking about building an iceboat, time to stop thinking and start building. Don’t wait until the frost is on the pumpkin!


Nite sailor Fred Musser and Sarah Sheffield have graciously offered to host our pot luck lunch party and meeting at their house in Union. Sunday, May 5, meeting to start at 11:00 sharp with lunch to follow.
Address is 1611 Clarry Hill Rd., Union. Take 235 north from RT 1, or Clarry Hill Rd south from RT 17. You’ll find it: you’re iceboaters and the one thing we know how to do is find things like hidden launch ramps and good lunches! The food gets better and better each year. Thanks for making it happen! BYOB

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