No Ice

After a frantic day of calling around, checking web cams, and Jim Gagnon driving all over Hellen Gone we have nothing to offer. South Twin did not blow clear. In addition, it took a hit from the big rain last weekend. The west branch of the Penobscot river dumps right into the five lakes. Messalonski was reported this morning to have frozen over the night, but the wind today beat it up badly. Damariscotta is a miserable combination of open water, slush and thin ice.
Our ace in the hole Lac Abenakis got more snow than planned, and it packed down hard with the wind.

So all we have to offer today is this inspirational photo. Keep your gear up to date and in good shape. Be sure your clothing is warm and that keep your knickers cinched.


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  1. Alice Engelhardt says:

    Have you ever considered Echo Lake in Fayette? It has been frozen over and with the cold temps these last few days, it should be ok.
    Alice E.

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