2020 ISA’s

The International Skeeter Association, the ISA, is planning on having their annual regatta next weekend at Puckaeway Lake, Princeton, Wisconsin. This amazing lake has provided a wonderful venue for the Western Challenge a few weeks ago and this weekend the Western DN champs. If the weather holds, which it appears that it will, the ISA’s will be called ON for next weekend.

Anyone with a Skeeter is welcome to come. Info on the regatta can be found here: website There are Renegades, Nites, and A, B and C Skeeters. Anyone who has not seen a fleet of the mighty A’s jockeying for position at the downwind mark needs to put it at the top of their bucket list. Most of the boats we sail here in New England, aside from the DN’s, are Skeeters, and most of those fall into the C class. So far we have three Whizz packed and ready to go as soon as the final call is made, as well as a group of A’s, B’s and C’s from southern New England. Go Team East!

The thing about iceboaters is that we all struggle with the question, sort of like Mr. Hamlet, “to go or not to go: that is the question. Tis a far far better thing to have driven to Wisconsin and lost at racing than never to have raced at all.”

For you will not actually have lost at all: nay, you will have won new friends, seen old ones, and loved a new lake. As a club who mainly tours and explores, racing can be a little intimidating, but if you think of the iSA more as a festival than a race you’ll ease right into it until you find yourself coming in hot at the downwind mark with the biggest frozen grin on your face and you’ll be home. You are, after all, an iceboater!

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4 Responses to 2020 ISA’s

  1. lmanning@gwi.net says:

    Hi Bill,

    Very well put on your last post, your Highness of the Ice….

    your love of the ice comes out in your writing!

    You’ve made Wisconsin sound like so much fun, that even I, would like to come just as a spectator….

    Back to our little mid-coast Maine….just wondering where are the best conditions for ice skating, if there are any?

    Hope all is well with your family in the year of 2020 🤓

    Kind Regards,

    Lynne Manning

  2. Steve Lynch says:

    Great post, Bill! Well written, inspirational.

  3. Andrea Weatherbee says:

    Wolffee just sailed South Pond in Warren.  Fair conditions with 6″of ice and a light snow cover.

  4. Archie Call says:

    I really appreciate you web site. The poetry and little stories are to be treasured. Yours is the #2 iceboating web site after iceboat.org, which is the gold standard.

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