Got Ice?

Quabog Pond is now back to its un-natural state, meaning that you can dip a cup and drink it. Same with Webster Lake. Many lakes in northern New England have wet out, so something might come up. Locally, there might be good ice for the next three days, but the wind is taking a break. We will check Damariscotta tomorrow and report here.

The ISA has been postponed yet again, but the North American DN Championship is a go. There is always good ice somewhere, and those guys will find it! Get out the DN, sign up, gas up, and come racing.

This photo might be a cheap shot right about now, but it’s just a reminder to keep the faith. This is how good it can be. Remember?

If you know of any good possibilities please report here, or to John Stanton at the NEIYA. Many eyes will get us on the ice.

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