Ice Roundup

We’ve been trying to get something going these past few days. The super warm day Saturday put us in a good position for getting the ice back. Sunday looked promising on Chicawaukee so we went for a scout at the south end and discovered the eight inches had been reduced to between 2.5 and 3.5″ There were a few skimmed drain holes. It was a bit thicker in the middle, and up to 5″ at the north end. The big open holes were still there, and had become larger.

Jory and I decided to check it with boats, launching from Lloyd’s Beach. His front lawn was barely frozen but we managed to drive down without causing too much damage. The wind was light to non-existent, but the ice was very smooth, an easy 8, so we ghosted around checking things and wondering if we should call it on for Tuesday.

Considering the access, and the wind and snow forecast we decided not to. But we left the boats on the ice anyway only to find them covered in the morning with a half inch of snow.

Bob MacKewen always has his nose to the ground and showed up, as did a moderate little breeze, so the two Min Skeeters swapped tacks while the Lake Pocket Skeeter, above, had a nice shake-down. The wind died around noon, so Bob checked Vannah Rd on his way home and found there what we had under the snow on Chickie: some real nice ice.

But like a broken record Damariscotta got an inch of snow last night and there was no wind today, in spite of a big wind forecast. We got suckered into setting up and pushing out anyway by a little rusting of the grass on the bank. We could feel it on our faces, but out a hundred yards there was nothing but a nap in the sun.

We put it down to a road breeze: the black asphalt was heating up causing the air above it to rise, thereby drawing air in from the lake. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.
Sadly, even with the snow we would have been able to scout the south end fairly well.

And now there’s even more snow on the way with deep cold to follow, not the most auspicious conditions. But we shouldn’t feel to bad. The DN North Americans might have to move to Montana or the Dakotas due to snow in the Mid West. Who doesn’t love the drama of this sport?

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