Damariscota ON

Nicely wet out smooth grey surface top to bottom. There were large patches of shell ice at both Vannah Rd and the Farm. We launched from the Farm and sailed into one patch just to be sure it wouldn’t hold a boat. Boots are drying by the fire as we speak.

As the shell was thinner and the launch access better, we’ll be setting up at Vannah Rd. tomorrow. The lake has NOT been scouted beyond a couple hundred feet from the launch. Stay together and sail heads up. General thickness is eight inches.

Meanwhile, here’s a report on Winni from Scott Page. Remember the cracks:

Ellacoya. Winnipesaukee. Very nice ice. A little wet 35F. 3-4 inches according to fishermen. 3 boats setting up now. Moderate strong wind. No snow till Saturday. Cold nights.

This morning’s post on Jordan Bay lost its photo. Apparently our editor has not fully recovered from Montana Maddness.

Latest word is that the inner bay has 3.5″ and what we see here is an inch. Thanks to Pat Keely for checking.

Pushaw is in about the same condition as Damariscotta, but thoroughly abused by vehicles.

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2 Responses to Damariscota ON

  1. Breck Holladay says:

    Yay, finally can make it !

  2. Charlie Silfvenius says:

    Several of us will be setting up at Brewster beach in Wolfeboro and scout Winni for a Hardway event. A couple cold nights would put some minds at ease, but from Gunstock mtn. Nothing appeared open. No quantitative data yet on Broads thickness and unknown into the narrows toward Center Harbor.

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