Sailing Yesterday

Three boats showed up at Jordan Bay yesterday, but the best wind held off until after lunch. It was working overtime on Clarey Lake where two Nites, two Mini Skeeters and a Whizz did laps around the course with storm sails. By the time the breeze was up on Jordan Bay the ice was softening in the warm temps.

Nonetheless, on ice like that it doesn’t take much. Thanks to James Turner for the photo and report. Note the pressure ridge in the background. This part of Sebago seems to be a breeding ground for cracks and ridges.

Karen Binder sent out a great report on the NE Champs held this past weekend on Winnipesaukee. We look forward to the complete results soon.

Lastly, for those who haven’t had enough trips to the mid-west this season the ISA has been tentatively called on for Madison. Final call will be tomorrow at 1:00 EST. for updates.

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