Last Day Before The Snow

Not that we have anything against Snow. My pal and I spent some time on the ice today discussing our needs and wants. We both agreed that it’s a matter of life and death for both of us.

He’s been hanging out in the same place down the river for a few weeks now and loves watching us sail by. But he’s nervous about all the weight he’s lost and is looking forward to the next two days. We are forecast to get some snow.

But we sailed the entire lake yet again top to bottom. Pressure ridges have formed across the South Broads (2) and one across the bay leading to the river. All were successfully crossed.

Steve and James Lamb were up from Mass, the usual gang of local Whizz and Mini Skeeters, Wolfie, and a gaggle of Lockley Skimmers rounded out the fleet. One of the Skimmers was very ably sailed by Milo Fleming, a thirteen year old new to the sport. It was his second time out ever, and he drove that perception of pipe all over the place. When you see a kid hiking a Lockley and then hauling in the sheet as soon as it touches down you know he’s got it. Great job Milo, and we look forward to seeing more of you on the ice. Sorry about making you sail up the Narrows through all that crud, but you did it!

Unless we get very lucky, it’s bye bye to ice for a while. So take advantage of the brake and be sure your boat is tuned up and ready to go for the next round. There’s a chance some ice will turn up this weekend for the Doc Fellows Regatta. Stand by for updates. Speaking of which, the ISA has been postponed yet again. Good new for those who are out of the country and looking forward to the regatta,

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