Iceboating Kids

High schooler Milo Stanley caused quite a stir some years ago when he showed up at Dammy with his home made iceboat. He arrived late, well after the fleet had headed down through the narrows to Muscongus Bay. But he found his way down, his boat held together, and he was the hero of the day.

Now we have eighth grader Milo Fleming following in his ice steps. One of the most remarkable traits of this Milo is his navigation ability. Most people, on their first sail on Damariscotta or Megunticook get hopelessly disoriented by all the crooks and turns. But he knew right where he was all the time.

We’ve seen Bella Langley on the ice ever since she showed up at Long Pond some years ago in a BDX Ice Stroller. If I remember, it was her second or third birthday and Brian was passing out the cake. Time flies when you’re having fun, or old, (hopefully they are one in the same) and now we see Bella in her own boat, ripping it up on Winnipesaukee a few weeks ago. Note how relaxed she looks, and how she hauls that sheet. Give her more blocks, Brian!

Some wetting out is happening along the immediate coast at the tail end of this storm. The power is out in many places but by the morning we should know if there is good ice.

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