Close Yesterday

With just another few degrees of cold Tuesday night we’d of had a wonderful surface on Dammy. The ruts were filled in and the ice was thick but the wet shell was still to fragile to sail on. Unless you are a 100# boy with a mini DN.

Our mentoree Milo had his maiden sail in his new boat in a shifty gusty breeze. The shell would speak back to him but it held. He said it didn’t sound good, but found the speed intoxicating. We went through a set up and take down with an active geriatric peanut gallery offering advise, so now he’s ready for the big time. An adult took the boat for a spin (like taking candy from a babe) but the ice wouldn’t put up with it and sent him tip-toeing back to the pits where Milo was waiting.
Then he was gone:

Nice surface, n’est pas?

And speaking if ice, take a minute and a deep breadth, turn off all sound making things and give a deep listen to this:

Icy Winter Soundscape

Bob Lombardo made this and gives the context:
2/4/20 Long Pond MDI. Temp at 6am was about 28F and by the time the recording was made perhaps 10am with sun shining bright fractures were traveling from west shore over to east shore. Ice was black, about 1 week old and 3-4″ thick.

Lastly, congratulations to everyone who went to Sweden for the Gold Cup. That regatta is now in the books and the European Champs are coming right up. Check for T’s excellent coverage and photos. Meanwhile everything is snowed under with deep cold coming. That means you can give your loved ones your full attention tomorrow, without one eye on the weather forecast! Happy Valentines Day!

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  1. windshighway says:

    Thanks for saving my forgetful self. I harvested that great Valentine and sent it to my wife. Whew!

    I used to find items like that (and great old photos of ships and boats) at postcard and paper fairs in California but none seem to be here in the BOISE area.

    Be Blessed everyone.


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