Long Odds Tomorrow

Damariscotta is almost there, but temps tonight don’t appear to be cold enough to finish the job. There’s some wet shell and standing water, and about an inch of softer ice in places. But the launch it still tight and there is twelve inches of lovely black ice under this marginal surface.

That said, a couple of us will give it a shot in the morning. Worse thing is we pop around for a cup of coffee at the new bakery and get home in time for lunch.

On another subject, the Boston Science Museum has contracted with Cosmic Productions to do a forty-five minute Imax film about winter in New England. They’d like us to provide iceboats and sailors for a day of filming whenever the conditions are good. More on that later, but be prepared for some choreography: this will be fun! And just imagine the power and drama of iceboating on the big Imax screen.

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  1. Ben Fuller says:

    Impressed with the usefulness of a kick sled to deal with snow and ice clumps on Meguntiicook on Sunday. A new weapon in the ice play arsenal, Meanwhile need a long enough interval of ice to get the stern steerers out. DeOrsay is also waiting.

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