Skippers meeting at 9:30, first start at 9:50. Starts will be staggered, ninety seconds apart. The starting order will be selected at random. You’ll have a map. There are eight check points indicated. You need to sail to each one, in any order you choose, based on wind, strategy, whatever. There is a flag on the ice near the shore where each checkpoint is located.

Be sure to set your parking brake each time and watch for thin ice at the edge!

The checkpoint is a plastic bag hanging on a branch. In the bag are strips of colored paper. Take just one, put it deep in a pocket where it won’t fly out. Try not to dis-lodge the bag from the branch or it might blow away. When you have all eight papers sail back to the start as fast as possible. Your finish time will determine your position. Time will be added for each missed checkpoint.

Have Fun!

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