2020 CIBC Ice Boat Orienteering Results

There were a few teething troubles with this, our first event, but good attitudes and imagination prevailed, as they always do. Thanks to the race committee!

1. Denis Guertin W-10 43:20
2. Jim Gagnon W-5 55:15
3. Curtis Rindlaub INGIGO 55:35
4. Frank Henault W-11 1:05:15
5. Steve Lamb W-6 1:14:45
6. Wolfie Wessel DN 00 1:22:20
7. Bryce Geele W-21 1:23:45
8. Kate Morrone PS-1 1:24:48
9. Tom Gloudemans PS-2 1:26:30
10. Ralph Fergeson W-24 1:46:20
Bob McKewen MS-106 DNF: plank separated from boat. Milo Stanley DNF: mast departed this world James Lamb DNF: towed home Milo
Chris Malliet MS-111 DNF: towed hom Bob

Thanks to the good sports who helped out their fellow competitors. It’s in the best tradition of a cruising event.

The pressure ridge kept getting higher and higher as the day went on. The more ambitious of the fleet didn’t seem to mind.

First one end,

And then the other.

Back in the pits:

Boats are still on the ice. One more day before a big change in the weather. Ice still 13″. March came in like a benevolent lion, let’s hope he keeps roaring all month!

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