Mile 100 Start Tomorrow at !0:00 am

The race was postponed because of wind: too much of a good thing. Four Whizz with DN storm sails managed to keep boat and body in one piece enough to get a couple of test laps, reset the marks that were blown down and find a quiet lunch lee.

A few other boats ventured out, but soon came back. Breck Holladay did well with his new full hoist blade storm sail. It was a good day for a heavy boat under rigged.

We will attempt the Race again tomorrow. The wind’s forecast to be strong but not excessive. It will get into the forties by afternoon, but this ice has proven to be very resilient so far so might stay hard long enough.

This is the remnants of a plowed path from the shore it a fish house. It is near the shore at the windward mark but easily visable. There is a green flag at the end of it. If you run over it you’ll get wet.

The start will be at 10:00. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead tonight.

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  1. Mike Belliveau says:

    We saw the first laps around Mags Ledge just as we got down to the shore near our house. I skated out to Mags, joined my wife and dog, to watch the race (not knowing it was postponed). I skated down to Egg Rock next to Eagle Island to watch two boats make what turned out to be their final pass. Boosted by the blowy tailwind from the north, me and the dog zig-zagged down and around Twin Islands, but no more boats! I’ll have to check it out again tomorrow!

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