Loring Landsailing 2020: update

The event continues to shape up nicely. Our hosts have been outstanding in their hospitality and openness to our plans for regatta. We now know abut what the costs will be, so it’s time to get serious and send in some money. Registration will be thirty dollars. This gets access to the air fields for the duration of the event and trophies in three classes: Lockley Skimmer, Blokart and Unlimited. Most of the unlimited class will be converted DN’s and other DN powered yachts, as well as a couple of class 3 land yachts.

This might have been mentioned before but bears repeating: if you are sailing a DN you will need to tune the boat so you are sitting more upright than you do on the ice. You really need to see ahead of you. There are hazzards, and you’ll need to see the turns.

This manhole cover was really hard to see until I was on top of it. The hit was hard enough to snap the t-ball hound and bring the rig down. This is about a mile from the pits so I had a nice, long, slow look at the wonderful variety of asphalt on the walk back. The little red flag hardly does it justice!

The runways are lined with little blue lights. Many are broken and might puncture a tire. They are easy to see being set on concrete, and you can go behind them if you are stretching your line to lay the next mark but be advised. That’s all I’ve found so far, but there may be more.

We have been granted use of a hangar and access to a small building very close by that has bathrooms. There will be electricity.

The schedule is from Friday until Sunday at sundown, although a few of us will be there Thursday afternoon setting up. Directions are simple: drive north until you are above the latitude of both Quebec and Prince Edward Island. At Caribou get off US Rt. 1 and take Rt. 89 towards Limestone. It’s a left. You will pass an entrance to Loring Commerce Center on your left with a gas station on the corner. Best not to enter here, but carry on another couple of miles to the four corners with the flashing light. Cote’s Auto is on the corner. Turn left. You will enter the base around a sharp left bend in the road. A bit further on, on the left, is a derelict building. Just there on the right is your turn. It’s the first right you come to. Go up the hill, bear right at the top and get ready to sail! I’ll post these again as we get closer.

Back to the registration: $30.00 cash or check to
Bill Buchholz
31 Gosses Hill Rd.
Camden, ME 04843

If we wind up in the black the organizers are buying drinks!

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  1. Paul says:

    Mr. Buchholz, We have a Lockey in our Amesbury, Massachusetts garage, that has not been used for many years. It has all hardware, but not sure if sail is useable, & it has definitely not Been modified for land. Your post gives location, & directions, but not date unless, I missed it.

    If you know of someone who might be interested, give them my Email address & phone #, or respond with V.M. Email-paulannemarie344@gmail.com Ph. 609_341_6826 Ps. We also have a DN with all hardware & a good sail, but hull was submerged & needs rebuilding. Thanks, Sent from Paul & Amy


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