LL 2020 &cetera

About the Covid 19, chances are that Maine will not be relaxing the present guidelines for out of state visitors by the time of our regatta. The two options are a 14 day quarantine or to show up with negative test results. CVS is offering testing, and there may be other options where you live. Sometimes the results can take ten days to come back, so please plan accordingly. The upside for all of the participants is that we’ll be fairly sure that we are all healthy.

Which brings us to dinners. The Limestone Country Club is just outside the west gate. They offer a restaurant and bar with basic burgers and bar food, but are also willing to make a more interesting dinner menu for us if we want; a beef, fish or vegetarian lasagna for example. They have already set up the restaurant according the state guidelines with spacing between tables, plexi screens, and the rest so that, combined with our negativity, should make for a relaxing time.

Attire is casual. Don’t let the Country Club moniker fool you: this is Arostook not Westchester…

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