Loring update

Loring Landsailing 2020. September 11-13, Limestone, Maine

The last video left a lot to be desired. This one gives a better picture of the place, properly formatted. For those who are not thoroughly enamoured with the idea of sailing on asphalt it will be boring. But it is a non-stop real time sail down the entire length of the airbase. There are a few side trips to liven up both the sailing for the film maker and the film viewer. It is narrated but the wind gets the final word in most of it. The beginning shows the area where the dial-up starts will take place. You’ll need an easy to see timer good for a minute or a stopwatch on your wrist.


This is our staging area. The hangar will be open should we need shelter from the sun or rain. We can leave the boats set up in there over night. It has electricity. One of the small buildings on the right has inside plumbing and will be open for business.

The directions in one of the recent posts bring you to this spot.

Many thanks to all that have sent in their registration fee. We’re going out on a bit of a limb here and it feels great knowing that people are excited about the regatta. The rest of you: you know who you are. I know the stamp and envelope thing is so twentieth century but it still works. Support the USPS! You can pay on the day of the event but the price goes to $40.00.

30 bucks to:
Bill Buchholz
31 Gosses Hill Rd.
Camden, ME

No changes yet regarding the travel status of those from Mass and RI. If this changes I’ll post as soon as I know. Everyone else is good to come.

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  1. John says:

    Checks in the mail. No really! New mast has arrived and the boat was rigged last night and I am looking for a place to try it out over the weekend. Looking forward to some good fun before the season begins.


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