Regatta Roster

Here’s a list of all those who are planning to participate in Loring Landsailing 2020, September 11-13. If you are planning on coming but don’t find yourself here, please let me know and send in your thirty bucks asap. On the other hand if you are shocked to learn that you are coming land yacht racing in northern Maine at the absolute best land sailing venue on the planet, then welcome!


Dave Lussier  $
BB Hredocik
Zach Bemis
Dave Midgely  $



Milo Fleming  $
Scott Valentine
John Ziermann  $
Rosemary Barnitz  $
Steve Kozloff   $
Kate Morrone  $
Jim Turner (Cheapskate)  $
Tom Nichols



Jim Gagnon  $
Breck Holladay  $
Jeff Kent
George Williams  $
Dave Silsby
Ed Demerest
Bill Buchholz  $
John Stanton  $


Karen Binder
Henry Capotosto
Steve Madden  $

Don’t forget, safety is job one for all of us. Brush up on the racing rules and, like the guy above, do whatever it takes to avoid hazzards!

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1 Response to Regatta Roster

  1. Robert Dill says:

    Hi Bill,

    Looks like a good turnout. I wish I could come.

    Do you know that land sailing and ice boating use different rules? The blow cart sailors may have some of their own. The same applies to people who sail in Europe. One example is that land sailing courses can be set up to round the marks either clockwise or counter clockwise. Needless to say it is important that sailors understand the sailing rules. In land sailing it was pretty common to have people try to apply water or ice rules to land sailing. If the group is mostly ice boaters that is probably your best bet.


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