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The head of Blokart, Inc, in New Zealand would have come all the way to Maine for the regatta if not for the challenge of travel in these times. But he is offering a great deal on a new Blokart. New Engaland dealer Dave Lussier details the offer:

The folks at Blokart in NZ are aware of this upcoming event in Maine and have decided to generously make an offering to get a fleet started in Maine. The offering we have is if a new kart is ordered with a 5.5m combo mast, a 5.5m sail and a 3.0m sail (both blue), we will throw in a brand new POD and free shipping!

What that would look like for prospective new Blokart buyers would be:

2173 Pro Blokart

780 3.0m sail

955 5.5m sail

882 Combo mast for 5.5m

37 Wind Indicator

69 Ratchet Pulley Block

Free Pod Complete ($476 value)

Free Shipping (estimated at $300)

$4896 Total

I’ve thrown in a Wind Indicator and a Ratchet Block in the list above as these are truly necessities. Bottom line is you probably won’t see a deal like this for a new kart relatively ready to race (minus a 4.0m sail) very competitively.

The 4.0m sail is the workhorse sail used most often in the widest wind range. When it’s blowing <12kts, however, you’ll want a 5.5m sail. Conversely, when it’s blowing >25, you’ll want a 3.0m and maybe even a 2.0m sail too depending on pilot weight. If you race at Ivanpah in the NA’s, chances are you’ll need all your sails with exception of a 2.0m wherein racing might be cancelled >30-35kts. If people can afford two sails instead of just one, but not 3, they usually get the 3.0 and the 5.5 and skip over the 4.0, getting it later when affordable.

The Pod makes the primary difference between the two racing classes: Performance (with Pod) and Production (no Pod). While the Performance class is a tad faster than the Production class, it’s not that significant a difference as you might think. Sometimes a great sailor with a Production setup kart can outsail a Performance sailor that is not a good sailor, for example.

Let me know soon if anyone wants to get a kart before the Maine event in SEP. There is likely time to place an order and have it shipped from the US warehouse in SLC, UT to anyone’s address in Maine before then, pending COVID delays. Before COVID, it was easy to get a kart within a week of ordering.

For payment, any buyer would simply pay me via PayPal, wire transfer, or snail mail check, and I order what you want and it’s shipped directly to their home. They pay for the items and shipping (no taxes).

Some of these topics are easier to talk about vs back/forth on email. So if you have any questions and want to talk about options or anything, feel free to give me a buzz: 401-225-8463

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  1. Jason says:

    That is a deal! And note, they convert easily to use skates in winter!!

    I pack my blokart in my trunk regularly and it sets up on minutes.

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