A Flying Land Yacht?

Or is it a wind powered air plane? You decide:


What could we do with modern materials and aerodynamic knowledge?

You might need to scroll up the video to get around the facebook promo.

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4 Responses to A Flying Land Yacht?

  1. Al says:

    Excellent I hope you have yours ready for Loring!


  2. Jeff Kester says:

    That is way cool! When are you building yours Bill? JoAnn says I’m not allowed ;) Sounds like a challenge…

  3. iceboater says:

    That seems impossible to me. Doesn’t the sail need lateral resistance to work? I was waiting to see the bird slip sideways–and then drop–when the wheels lifted off.

  4. Frederick A Greis says:

    I’ll go with wind powered airplane for $20 Alex. I’m thinking it can be steered by the jib like a south bay scooter with the flaps providing lateral resistance. Bet he said “oh s–t” when it took off!

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