Ice in Quebec!

Denis Guertin reports that behind the Covid Curtain two of our favorite early season lakes will be sailable any day now.

The larger of the two, Abenakis, above,is a bit of a mess, but just down the road and a bit higher is Lac Joli:

Denis says:

“What a better way to wish you Happy Thanksgiving than sending you pictures of frozen lakes.
Abenakis seems not safe. Cannot access it from the shore, and visible hazards from the shore.
Joli seems quite solid. I walked on it, and hit the surface with a hammer (drill battery was too low!!) , and it was very solid.
Unfortunately, there are very mild temps coming up, but I am confident that Joli will survive very well. At least, it will wet out the snow and resurface the ice. Maybe sailing late next week??

It seems that YOU may be the first ones to be sad about the closed border !! But make no mistakes: I am very sad also !!”

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