North of the Border

Yesterday on Lac St. Francois:

“We have a nice plate of grey ice here in Lambton. 3” thick with some darker areas which are also 3” thick. There is a large area with open water, but easy to see and to avoid. The problem is to access this ice. There is slush under the snow, too thick to even try to sail through it. So we can’t get out of the bay. We tried to find another launch site nearby, but there is slush everywhere. So we decided to remove the slush/snow with a snow blower, and make a path to the ice. We hope it will freeze hard overnight, even though there is water coming on the surface by a small hole in the ice. Wind forecast is poor for tomorrow, a bit better for Sunday, and good for Monday. So we have some time this weekend to work on our «winter road» !! And the ice will get thicker too!”

And then today Denis reports:

“Our road froze hard last night. We should be able to sail through it. Water came on the surface and froze real hard.

No wind today, but we set up the boats, ready to go. Light air tomorrow but maybe enough to sail. If not, Monday looks very good.”

Viva La Persistance!

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