Lake Wentworth 1/10

Mother nature threw us a bone today with above forecast winds, full sun and thirty degrees. March sailing mid winter, but no one was complaining. In addition to the rack of Whizz below, there was a clutch of classic DN’s, Lee’s Gambit and Randy Rice with Back Fly Hammock. Black Fly 1 is still for sale, by the way.

The ice is about like this in the north end; the small drifts somewhat grippy. The other end was smooth grey ice with a light frosting of wind blown snow flowers. A pressure ridge, which became more difficult to cross as the day wore on, separates the two. We circumnavigated the entire lake and it appears to be tight everywhere. Access is carry on.

Ace ice pilot Jim Gallagher flew around today and reports: “I flew the lakes today – just checking. Biscay is open; south end of Pemaquid is open; most of Damariscotta is open or spring mottled. Yikes!”

The good news is the wind has died and the nights are getting colder. Hopefully something will develop over the course of the week. And if Wentworth holds together until the wind’s next blow, it’ll be the place to be.

Thanks to Lee Spiller and Charlie Sylvanius for scouting the lake!

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  1. Charlie Silfvenius says:

    Glad to have you guys and many others show up to share the fun.

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