North of The Border, con’t

“We were not sure if the wind would be good for us today or not. Forecast was not so good, but as I was drinking my coffee and looking at the trees, I noticed some movement. So I went out of the camp, and there was a light breeze coming from the South. I know that a South wind is usually stronger right on the other side of the island in front of my place. That was enough for me to rig the boat, and sail out of the bay on our winter road, which was hard all the way.

We sailed downwind to exit the road, and upwind to come back (!!?? Obviously!!!). No tack. The path is about 20 ft wide, and the plank is 13, if I remember well? Not much place to tack, and no place to head upwind to stop!! But I fixed my hand brake, so it’s a lot easier to stop right where I want. We will fix Frank’s brake tomorrow (I built one for him last summer), just in case!

CIBC were in my mind today! I miss your company to enjoy this great ice! There is a small pressure ridge that we did not cross today, and I was thinking « If you guys was here, we would cross it for sure ». But the ice was so nice on this side… maybe it’s even better on the other side? OK, we will cross it tomorrow!!

The ice was just amazing, grey ice grade 9 and 9+. And the wind was also consistent and steady, strong enough to get many long hikes. Frank and I sailed all afternoon. Boats are still on the ice, for the rest of the week if the actual forecast holds. It is looking very good!!”

And below, one more shot from Wentworth yesterday, enjoying lunch in a sunny lee:

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