Lake Mahopac, NY

This lake is just off I-84 in southern NY state. A couple of DN’s sailed it yesterday, and now they are waiting to see what the storm does. Preliminary analysis says that a light dusting is all there is. Bob Strohm’s report is below.

Lake Mahopac, NY (Putnam County). 2 DNs sailed yesterday afternoon and scouted the entire lake. Ice surface is good, there are no hazards other than the typical bubbler issues. There are areas where quads and snowmobiles rutted things up but plenty of good ice elsewhere. Surface for the most part is hard grey snow ice and should be fine for big boats too. Dead calm this morning and only 2-4 predicted for today. Local weather has us getting 1-3 inches and others predicting 3-5. Just a dusting and not snowing at all as of now and it looks like it may stay south of Mahopac. Launch sites are both marinas; Mahopac Marine in town by Anthony’s Deli (now the Brooklyn Cafe) and McDonald Marine behind the Mahopac Library. Also a good new location behind the Tompkins Mahopac Bank also in town and close to food. BTW as of this past Monday night we thought we were done for the season (6″-8″ of snow over very little base), Tuesday’s weather was questionable and Wednesday sailable ice. There is an Ice God. I will post again later as this storm goes through. Hoping to get a good weekend out of it.
Bob Strohm <bob>

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