Sailing Webster Today

Bob Strezelewicz and John Raul ripped it up on Webster today. Bob scouted it a couple of days ago and found a nice plate.

Here’s his report:

“John Raul got out for the first time in 3 years. The ice was a 10 in some spots and 5 in others, frozen snowmobile tracks were a pain in the ass but there was enough good ice to keep us happy. Wind was a steady 5 mph with some good gusts.

It started snowing about 1 pm so we packed up, but as soon as we got our boats packed up no more snow. That’s ok; we were setting up at 8.30 and we had enough sailing for two old farts. Its 3:25 now and no more snow we will see what the night brings.”

Checking the forecast right now it appears Webster will have snow for the next twenty-four hours. We might have missed a good one. Don’t get complacent: keep scouting!

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