Tunk Lake

It’s a bit touch and go with the snow in the forecast but a few boats will set up in the morning and see what can be made of it. If the snow is minimal, then Sunday will be the better of the two days, with more wind and some full sun.

Trucks are parking on the ice, so there’s no reason we can’t drive trailers down the ramp and find a clean place to set up.

With conditions across New England so poor just now we need every iceboater’s eyeball on the forecasts and web cams, and butts in the car taking boots to the ice. This is a collective exercise. Thanks to Bob Lombardo for keeping us up to date on Tunk.

We all can agree this has been an unusual season, but have you noticed what a winter of light air we’ve had? Ice surface notwithstanding, it seems the forecast has days in a row of light and variable. Let’s hoe March comes in like a lion and out like a banshee!

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1 Response to Tunk Lake

  1. jeffrey and Karen rawson says:

    Mudge pond Northwest Ct 2 ” unbonded snow Friday at 3 pm. Will try today with 3 boats. 12- 15 knots of breeze

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