Damariscotta Lake ON

After the warm rain of the last day and a half the pate has smoothed out considerably, although as those of you who sailed here last week we were starting from a pretty low bar. There are patches of thin shell ice which will be annoying but not a big deal. We don’t know if they become less further out. It’s so thin that as we were watching a gust of wind got hold of a bit and sent it flying away.

The ice down the river might be a bit better; it always is on the other side of the narrows/pressure ridge/fence:

Access to this very special part of the lake is unknown at this point. There are significant hazzards to navigate.

Launch at Lake Farm. We’ve chopped down the heaves on the beach and marked the pass.

One may be able to drive down, but trailers can certainly be backed down, unhitched and rolled onto the ice. We might be here for a while so it makes sense to move right in! Be sure to leave room for others.

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