Damariscotta Wednesday

While at a long glance the plate looked good, and a short walk yesterday had us thinking that it will certainly be better further out, the only big improvement from last week was the elimination of the packed snow. The surface is still rough. With plenty of wind it’s no problem, just loud and crashy.
There was a great turn out of boats today, and a few made it deep into the south end down the river nearly to The Mills.

There were open cracks and pressure ridges to navigate, and they won’t be getting any better, so be careful:

A couple of back door passes led us to our launch at Vannah Rd:

The ramp is a bit rotten, but the ice down there sure was nice.

The forecast is nothing but wonderful so until a nicer plate of ice appears we’ll be smashing and bashing around this one.

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  1. Patrick Andreasen says:

    Good afternoon, I have been a long time follower of the Ice Boat Club. I have an old DN from my father in law that I want to get out for my first time. Newbies like myself can be a challenge, but my sailing skills on water are extremely strong. You have spooked me enough on not sailing alone. I was wondering how I find out who my be sailing near me. I am based in Bethel and guess Jordan Bay is my closest place. Can you get me in touch with that local group? Thanks Patrick Andreasen 847 624-6005


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