Sebago, Jordan Bay

Jordan Bay access at Raymond Beach. I drove onto the ice with my VW and launched my DN. There was no wind at noon so I pushed my boat out to the smooth ice in hopes of enough wind to get my DN moving. Indeed, when I got to the smooth sheet there was enough wind to make a few tacks and get me out to the middle of the bay. The wind then vanished and I walked the 1.5-2 miles back to the car. It was about 1430 when I got back to the car and I was going to break down the boat and pack up. Just as I got out of my boat the wind started to pick up, so I picked up the bow and pointed it back out, gave a shove and hopped in, I sailed a couple of tacks back and forth across the bay in the launch area, and the wind seemed to be increasing. So I headed out to the bay area that I just walked back from, and I was rewarded with a half dozen upwind downwind full speed runs. Life was good, The wind did hold, and sailed back to the car/launch with a smile. 

About a quarter of a mile from the launch area the ice smoothes some, then 1/2 mile out the ice quite smooth, not glass, but textured. At about 2-2.5 miles out there is a pressure ridge, I did not cross it as I did not need to. I did give it a look, and there were places that were crossable. When I asked ice fishermen the thickness about a mile out it was 12 inches. When I was inspecting the pressure ridge the thickness appeared to be 6-8. I was told that the entire bay was frozen, but I did not get the chance to inspect it. Just wanted to share what I have seen and sailed. It is a good size sheet of ice. I had a few good pictures, unfortunately my skills with WordPress not sufficient Cheers, Dave  

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