Dammy Day Two

Strong and gusty winds kept many sailors away today, but with temps in the low thirties, full sun and snug rigs on the Whizz, it was wonderful day. Ice is still rough at the north end, nice south of the narrows. The River, again, has the nicest of all. A nice spot out of the wind was found for lunch:

And just to hit all the spots before we loose the ice we made a visit to dear old Deep Cove. It was flukey getting in there with the west wind, but well worth it. Note the ice quality here. The camera got all emotional and fogged up:

Slightly softer winds forecast tomorrow, but if you think about the number of days not sailed due to strong winds, it behooves the hungry sailor to prepare as best he can. Storm sail, storm mast, sharp runners and all pins taped. On rough ice in big winds like we had today one is reminded yet again what a thrashing a well found iceboat can take and come out smiling. Big smiles on the skippers, too.

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