News from Jim Turner on Mt. Desert:

“Four boats sailed Eagle Lake today with better than expected wind. Ice stayed hard but the surface was somewhat lunar. Cheapskate clocked 37 mph over the bumps.”

Similar surface scouted on Chickawaukee this afternoon. Very hard surface in full sun at 35 degrees. Launch ramp a bit dodgy, but ok for DN’s walking the plank. 12″ found on the snow ice just off the ramp. 7.5-8.5″ thick directly out from the turnout 150-450′. Hole stayed dry the whole way down; not a drop of seepage. Hard grey ice.

Anyone interested in racing around marks tomorrow? Nice SW sea breeze building in the afternoon. Temps to hit forty, but the ice appears to be of such a quality that it might not slush out. But if it does we’ll sit in the sun, take the boats slowly apart and reminice over what a long, strange season it’s been.

Text to 975-6980 if you’re coming. Thanks.

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