Club supporter and lifetime member Frank Able found this image on the latest Lincoln County News 2022 calendar. It’s the picture for next March, our favorite time on Damariscotta Lake. This is taken at Lake Farm. Can anyone tell who’s boats are these?

It looks like this was taken in March the way the ice is heaved up alongshore with the snow retreating round the edges of the rocks. Let’s hope for more of the same.

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  1. Commodore John Stanton says:

    Interesting picture. I am not sure if I was there that day but did take a very similar picture several years ago. with the same tree in the foreground. Many fond memories from Damariscotta over the years.

  2. ralphferguson says:

    Hi Bill, I looked on the LCN calendar with a magnifying glass. I think the boat without sail is Joyce Jones. I think the trailer behind the man sitting in a chair is yours.

    Do u know of any DN storm sails? If not, I need to call Doug Pope.

    The LCN likes photos and copy for their Sports section. If we have an event, just to send them a photo and copy. They published a couple of our Cabadetis Boat Club race event photos last summer. Club members enjoyed and readers would enjoy seeing boats on ice. Ralph

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