ICE: the cold, the hot and the far away

Denis Guertin sends this flash from Set. Aurelie:

Beautiful black ice on lac Abénakis but only 2’’ thick. From the shore, it seems all skimmed over.

Lac Joli has 3’’ of ice but surprisingly, I can see a few big holes of open water. It usually freezes all at the same time but this year, it did not! Still cold tonight but as always in Ste Aurelie, snow is expected on Friday and Saturday.

Frustration begins with the beginning of the Iceboat season!!

Regarding ICE, the opera, it’s available for viewing November 23-29. There are subtitles, the sets are stunning, and where else can you see a man singing his way through a hole in the ice in high operatic style, begging for a set of ice picks as he slowly disappears?!
Finnish National Opera and Ballet Presents: ICE on Vimeo

This is the link. If you need a password it is IceFinlandia.

Also, don’t forget that the Great Western Challenge is weekend after next, Friday- Sunday Dec 3-5 on the best ice in Minnesota. It’s a great time to meet all those folks you haven’t seen in a long time and have some great DN racing to boot.
There is a public page here with ice reports and updates. Minnesota Iceboaters is on Facebook

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