Ice News

First, congratulations again to all the participants of the 2022 Linc Davis Cup. Ye Olde cup has been engraved with Guy’s name because who wants to wait until Spring Meeting to get the cup? The first name on the cup, from 1978, is Warner St.Claire, founder of the club. The rest are a collection of who’s who in CIBC history. The silver cup was donated by eminent yachtsman Linc Davis from his trophy collection. Since the entire cup is covered with names, Dave Fortier made the base, with room for four new plates. Let’s fill it up!

The winner and other racers get plaques, which will be mailed out soon.

Well done Gentlmen!

News from Quebec, Denis and the Thedford gang got together on nice ice in a good breeze He reports:

“We had a very nice day last Tuesday in Thetford. 2 sailors from Thetford were there, and 3 others came from Montreal. Ice was 7” thick, orange peel with a few ice bumps. I sailed a total of 64 miles at an average speed of 26 mph and a max speed of 56 mph (Yes, I bought a GPS last summer !!!). No wind yesterday. Rain and warmth today, cooling down tomorrow, followed by snow Saturday and no wind in the forecast for weekend. So that may be it for a while around here.”

Getting cold next week!

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