Preliminary Ice Report, 12/22

We have all kinds of possibilities, but nothing for sure yet. I think there’s a good chance we’ll have something, though. Some lakes that were open when it snowed formed weak slush ice: 2” and can’t stand on it. Others were open and the snow dissolved. Those might build enough thickness of new ice. And then there are those that were frozen when it snowed. Today it is raining lightly, forming ice on the roads, and hopefully will do something good to the snow covered lakes before it gets cold again.

Specifically, Pushaw looks to be getting rain after a dash of snow this morning, and then a hard freeze tonight. Sabattus already was snowed out and based on the storm track looks like it got much more. Messalonski, near Great Pond, had a half inch of black ice yesterday. It lays on the rain-snow boundary so could go either way. There are some other lakes near Augusta that Karin Wilson is watching.

The web cam at Damariscotta is still out, so that will be checked by eye tomorrow. Lake Chickawaukee is still open. If we can find something, it looks like a stellar stretch of weather over Christmas. Dare we ask for a Black Christmas?

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