Ice Report 12/23

Things are looking up for the Christmas week. Cold nights , calm winds and days below freezing will bring us lots of black for the holidays. Damariscotta at Vannah Rd. is starting to freeze; the north end is open. Typical.Pushaw is junk for the foreseeable future. Plymouth Pond has 6” of medium hard ice with a 1/2” dusting of snow on top.


It’s probably sailable, but the winds are light for the next few days so we need to find a better surface.

Unity Pond, not far away, was just on the other side of the snow-rain divide. It already had an 1 1/4” of black ice when an inch of snow fell and then was quickly wet out by the rain, The resulting 2 1/4” is weak; the two layers are actually not bonded. Here’s a chuck cut out:

But the surface is just lovely.

Those shiney spots are not holes, just spots that wet out differently.

So for now, this is the plate to watch. The first decent breeze in the forecast is Tuesday. By then this lake should be bulletproof. But some others might be as well.

If anyone knows of anything else worth looking at please check in here!

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