1/5 Sailing Roundup

Lake Megunticook had a wonderful surface today on about four inches. It was the plate that did NOT get away, and was sailed in the small window between dawn and the early morning rain.

You can’t hop a jet plane like you can a railway train, but sailing a DN in a rising storm gets you close.

The skaters were out as well, pulling hard against the building gale. This surface was a perfect ten.

Up at Magog on Memphramagog, Denis sends in this report from today:

When I got out of the car at 9:30, the wind was already blowing and was strong enough to rig my Whizz with my DN sail and mast. After a nice briefing from Jean Cabana who came to meet me as I was rigging my boat, I knew where I could sail safely and what areas of the lake to avoid. In fact, I could sail safely almost everywhere. The wind was really nice, and the ice was a Grade 9, orange peel without any bumps or cracks. Very nice plate of ice. I met Jacques at his place and we sailed together in the morning, reaching typical iceboat speeds around 50 – 55 mph. After lunch, the wind died. And I mean, DIED… So I stayed there talking to other iceboaters, and kiters, and fisherman. I decided to pack my boat at 2:30 and as I was removing my steering runner, I felt a little breeze. And it seemed to hold…. so I put back my steering runner in place, rig my big mast and sail and went back on the ice for more sailing. Nice wind, long hike, great speed… and this lasted for about…. 10 minutes. The wind died again and I had to walk back to the pits, which was above all, a straight downwind sail !!! I know what you think now… and you are right: The wind came back as I was packing my boat for the second time, but I told him: No no no…. You won’t catch me again. I left at 3:45.

https://youtu.be/7raIAdDora4 :Memphramagog.

Bob Lombardo and his gang found very nice ice on Phillips Lake. For those not familiar with Phillips, it’s on Rt. 1A between Brewer and Ellsworth in the town of Dedham.

As always, view these photos on a big screen if you can; they are stunning and a phone screen does’t do them justice.

The forecast looks bleak. please get out and check ice as we move through this next weather phase.

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