Weekend Ice Wrap

There was plenty of sailing this weekend. Sadly, nothing local. The Michigan group, along with Karen and T, had two days of good racing on an urban frog pond on the outskirts of Detroit. Preliminary results give T first in the A Fleet and Karen first in the B.

On Lake Mendota in Madison thirteen DN’s and seven Renegades had some excellent racing on very nice ice. If the pix don’t lie, DN 4487, Chad Adkins, was there. No results yet, but we’re hoping Team East swept the weekend.

Across the border in lovely Kingston, Ontario, twenty DN’s duked it out today. There was some standing around in the cold waiting for the wind to blow but the fleet managed three good races before the beer and pizza showed up. We always knew Canada is highly civilized place.

Meanwhile, there is rain on the coast on Maine. It appears to be wetting out the four inches of snow that fell Friday. At sundown the local lake was fifty-fifty. We were expecting a report from Vannah Rd, but will go have a look in the morning instead. Whatever we get is what we’ll have there all week. At the very least it will be like Graham was early last week. The crappy lower end. With enough wind anything is sailable. Who remembers the epic cruise on Sebago, circumnavigating Frye Island from Nason’s Beach on Grade 1 ice in half a gale? Incredibly, nearly all the boats made it back.

Dammy at Vannah Rd has not been scouted.

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