Damariscotta ON and ON…

Andy Donovan and Dave Fortier sailed today from Vannah Rd. in very gusty conditions. The plate recovered nicely, but the open water that has plagued the north end of the south broads is still there. Fish holes appear not to have become drain holes, probably because the holes were seeded with snow first, turned to slush and froze before the rain water could sneak in.

This is looking south, towards Deep Cove. The water is there. Note the busted up plate at the edge.Nonetheless, there will be sailing from Vannah Rd. tomorrow where the ice is tight to the shore. Please mind the parking. We don’t want to loose access here. Both wheels off the asphalt. You could probably park on the ice. Eight inches in the pit area this morning. The ice is very dirty from the wind blown sand. Best to set up as far out as feasible.

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