Weekend Videos

Mike Acebo took this one of a South Bay Scooter on Bantam Lake this weekend. It’s wonderful that southern Connecticut gets its share of the ice sometimes.https://vimeo.com/667016062

Up in Maine, this drone captured a few moments at the Dc Fellows on Sunday at Damariscotta Lake. Thanks to Aaron Dries for this.

Coastal Maine dodged the snow and fine ice remains. News from Webster Lake is that it’s all locked in and is getting checked today.

In the what could have been dept., Jeff Soderholm found this amazing plate on Long Pond Lakeville. He had the presence of mind to rush home and get the DN for a late afternoon cruise. Sadly, the latest storm did it in. We haven’t sailed Long Pond in years now. One of the great treats was sailing up to the dock at the Eagles Club and having a snack and a drink at the bar. The switch from wind roaring in your ears, runners clacking across the ice to the soft murmur of conversation with the tinkling of glasses was vertigo inspiring.

Will we get it back?

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